Barcodes are commonly used to add coupons to email. Dynamic barcodes take this one step further with the ability to add unique barcodes, tailor-made for each recipient. Goolara Symphonie lets you make and add barcodes to your email without ever leaving the software. These can be standard, one-type-for-all barcodes, or they can be created dynamically using a recipient's demographics.

Create single-use barcodes based on specific information such as recipient name, location, status, or age. Barcodes are easily adjusted according to your point-of-sale system, with either complete recipient data gathered on-site, or coded information that can feed back into your database for targeted results. Since the information is gathered at the point-of-sale, you can coordinate your marketing information with actual sales for more accurate ROI reports.

Types of barcodes

Symphonie features some of the most popular barcodes, including:

Available barcode styles

As a coupon production and control technique, dynamic barcodes are hard to beat. Possible uses include the ability to create use once or limited use coupons based on:

  • Coupon recipient
  • State or city
  • Specific store branch
  • Customer status (member, VIP, etc.)
  • Age
  • Date range

There are three ways to segment email campaigns: per customer, by pool, or with a limited data range. Here are some ideas for using these features.

Dynamic Barcodes by Individual Customer

Customers with robust POS systems can take full advantage of dynamic barcodes, assigning a unique code to each customer. This code may contain any of the demographics about a recipient, and is a great way to keep track of coupon usage and to compare current and past shopping patterns. It also makes it easier to control the use of the coupons in situations where online copying might be unwanted. In the example below, a customer's ID number is included as part of the barcode:

Available barcode styles

Once the customer uses the coupon, that information goes into your system, providing plenty of additional information about the customer and their purchasing habits, allowing you to further refine your marketing strategy. If your POS system cannot handle that much information, there is a simpler alternative use for the dynamic barcode feature that is also quite powerful.

Customers with robust POS systems can take full advantage of dynamic barcodes, assigning a unique code to each customer. Individually numbered barcodes can also be used with basic POS systems to compete with more advanced systems in identifying customer buying patterns.

Dynamic Barcodes by Pool

If individual customer information is more than your POS system can handle, an effective alternative is to generate a few barcodes based on specific demographics (e.g., state, membership level, age group, etc.). Now you are only working with a few codes. The software determines who gets which coupon based on recipient demographics. You can also use this feature with specific number ranges to add customer specific information without overloading your system (see below)

Limited Number-Range Dynamic Barcodes

Individually number barcodes are a useful addition to codes that don't contain specific customer information. After the coupons are used the barcode numbers are paired up with specific customers. This is easily accomplished and we can work with you to facilitate this solution as well. We will use the number range you specify and send a list that identifies which customer received which number. In this way, even basic POS systems can compete with more advanced systems when it comes to identifying customer buying patterns. As long as system can keep track of one variable number, we can provide the rest. Please call for more information. If you've used barcodes already, then you know what a valuable tool they are for marketing and sales purposes.

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