Goolara Symphonie includes a full-featured visual email editor that you can use either to construct your mailings from scratch, or add dynamic content, barcodes, and other special coding to an email you've designed in another program, such as Adobe Dreamweaver. You can also work directly with the HTML code if you prefer.

Visual Editor

The toolbar will be immediately familiar to anyone familiar with browser-based HTML editing software. You can place images, add and format text, and enable links, but the editor does much more, giving you access to other features, such as the Symphonie Image Manager, and Hyperlink Manager. It's easy to check a mailing before sending with Symphonie's preview feature, which lets you see how the final email will look in popular email viewing platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, and the iPhone. You can then send test emails to make sure everything is in order before you click "Send mailing." All the necessary tools are at your fingertips.

Hyperlink Manager

Visual Editor

With its Hyperlink Manager, Goolara Symphonie gives you a level of control over your links that few can rival. More than just a tool for adding links, the Hyperlink Manager lets you create links with individually customized links. You can add the email address, name, membership number, and any other information you want to a query string. You can even design links that change their URLs using logic conditions, giving you the ability to direct different subscribers to different websites without losing the ability to track these clickthoughs. You can even add custom mail merge tags. To learn more about this powerful feature and how to use it effectively, please contact us.

Work in design mode or enter HTML code—your choice, or cut-and-paste from your favorite HTML software and att dynamic content in Symphonie.

Symphonie Image Manager

Visual Editor

If you regularly use images, you'll want a way to keep your images sorted and categorized. You may have a set of images that are standard across many mailings, while others might be used only once. With Goolara Symphonie's Image Manager, it is easy to keep track of your images by uploading them to individual folders of your own creation. You can also click and drag images from folder to folder. You could create a folder titled "April 2015 Newsletter," for example, to hold all the images you use in one mailing. This will make it easier to find an image from that specific mailing later on than if you had to scroll through one long list of images. This is especially true if you are using slices, where a single image might comprise several smaller pieces. The Image Manager also gives you the option of uploading several images at once, which can speed up the process considerably.

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