Goolara Symphonie’s cloud-based (SaaS) email marketing software lets you work in a cloud-based environment with all the features of Goolara’s software at no extra charge. Updates are handled automatically, so you’ll have access to all the new features as soon as they are announced. The SaaS version also comes with deliverability support to help ensure that your emails end up in the inbox instead of the junk folder.

Whether you call it cloud-based, hosted, or SaaS, a cloud-based system is a great way to keep your email marketing efforts up to date.

Cloud-based email marketing systems have become a popular alternative to on-premise email marketing platforms. You can access our SaaS version of Symphonie without installing anything on your computers. All you need is a web browser. We manage the server maintenance and deliverability support so you can focus on your marketing campaigns. Working in the cloud also gives you the option of accessing your work whenever and wherever you need it. Best of all, our cloud-based email marketing software comes with the same features as our on-premise version, but at a much lower initial cost to you.

Standard Package

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The standard package for Symphonie includes the following:

  • Deliverability Support. Goolara will handle all issues related to deliverability, including whitelists, authentication setup, blocks, complaint handlers, and more.
  • Dedicated IP Address. Each customer receives their own dedicated IP address so that the sending practices of other customers will not impact your deliverability.
  • All the Features. Every feature is available to customers for one price, so you will not be limited in your ability to perform the best email marketing possible.
  • Security Controls. Limit the access of individual users to different functionality of the system. For example to create mailings but not approve for sending.
  • Email and phone support. Get all the help you need to use the system, including assistance with more complicated areas like dynamic content or marketing automation.
  • Strategic consulting. Let Goolara help you optimize for open rates, assist with HTML rendering issues, or help develop plans to further engage and retain your audience.

Billing is based on the messages sent per month (CPM), with the cost-per-message based on the volume of commitment. There are no charges for features, and transactional email is charged at the same rate as promotional email.

The colocation facilities used by Goolara have multiple network carriers for redundancy, battery power and diesel-backed generators to ensure uninterrupted power, and biometric entry security to limit access. Goolara uses hardware-based firewall equipment to keep the bad guys out, and redundant computers and configurations for reliable operations. Daily backups are made, and are kept available for two weeks.

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