Are you having trouble with deliverability? Do you need help creating a landing page? Our team of experts can help! Whether you are using Goolara’s hosted version of Symphonie, or the on-premise version, Goolara offers a range of services that can help ensure your email marketing is the best it can be.

"When you send out as many emails as we do, deliverability becomes key. Goolara’s excellent deliverability service helps us ensure that these end up in the inbox so we have confidence we’re reaching our customers."

– Keith Tessler, American Wedding Group,
Co-President and Chief Operations Officer

Deliverability Services

Our deliverability services include support, best-practices consulting, personalized training, and more. We provide exceptional customer service, with fast responses and effective solutions.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a popular way to increase your company's subscriber base and attract people to your website. Here at Goolara we can help you create a landing page that can work seamlessly with Symphony.

Support and Training

As a Goolara Symphony user, you have access to our support and training services. This includes everything from basic instruction to walk-throughs on specific features, such as the API and Automation features.

We offer phone and email support for hosted customers and on-premise customers with a current support contract.

Our team is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific time during regular work days, and we also offer 24-hour, 7-day a week support for emergencies.

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Download our Manuals

The best place to start your study of Goolara Symphonie is with the manuals. Here you'll find thorough explanations of all aspects of the software.