Symphonie includes a powerful and feature-rich API that allows you to automate many tasks. Included for no extra costs, the API allows automation of functions like:

  • Creating recipients
  • Adding demographic data
  • Marking recipients as subscribed or unsubscribed
  • Managing suppression lists
  • Creating and populating custom tables (offline events)
  • Creating or editing content blocks
  • Populating segments with uploaded data
  • Creating mailings, including the ability to upload the recipient list directly
  • Scheduling the sending of mailings
  • Creating and sending transactional emails
  • Adding or removing recipients from workflows
  • Extracting a huge amount of data, including opens, clickthroughs, unsubscribes, holds, deliverability, and more

Symphonie supports the SOAP/XML mechanism of making function calls, and, as of version 4.4, a REST-based API. The REST API is documented on this site. The SOAP/XML manual may be downloaded by current customers. Use the following buttons to access the documentation:

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