If you're looking to create landing pages and build up your subscriber list, Goolara can help. We can set up your landing page so that anyone who signs up on that page is automatically added to your subscriber base. Add additional data fields, and specify follow-up emails as you please. Combine this with Symphony’s automation features to further personalize the experience. Call us today and learn how you can use Symphony with landing pages to increase sales and quadruple your mailing list. If you’re new to landing pages, we can walk you through the process and provide pages that will work seamlessly with Goolara Symphonie.

What is a Landing Page?

The graphic at the top of this page shows a typical example of a landing page. Most commonly, a landing page will include a brief blurb next to or above a clearly visible sign-up area. Since nobody signs up to receive email without a reason, the blurb has to be compelling enough to make people want to receive your mailings. There may be additional content on the page, but this will almost always appear below the fold and has less to do with enticing the reader to fill out the form than it does with providing content for organic search purposes. In its purest form a landing page is designed to provoke a quick response with actionable data provided by the reader (at the very least, the reader’s email address).

Why Use Landing Pages?

Some may ask, why do I need a landing page? Shouldn’t my website already accomplish this? On one level, this is true. The content on your website should be compelling as well, but landing pages can take this one step further, allowing you to focus on specific aspects of your products, and then test different approaches to see which ones produce the best results. Landing pages are also useful when you create a campaign that is targeted at a specific segment of your audience.

Well-crafted landing pages are an important component of every successful marketing campaign.

Landing Pages and Advertising

Landing pages are often used in conjunction with online advertising sources, such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads. While landing pages can end up in organic search results, that is rarely their primary purpose. Goolara Symphonie offers very flexible landing page design support, including use of JavaScript, Flash, and other technologies.

Types of Landing Pages

There are two basic types landing pages: Those intended to direct people to a site based on specific search results, and those intended to capture leads. The first type, while useful, is really just doing what your website should be doing already. In most cases, it is the lead captures from a landing page that offers the greatest return on investment. You might still want easy access to your main website on a signup landing page, but this can be provided by adding a link to your website in the logo (example: <a href="your company url"><img src="LOGO"></a>).

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