Goolara Symphonie is also available in a self-hosted version. Self-hosted email marketing is a good solution for companies that have moved their servers to the cloud, but still want their email marketing software to reside behind the firewall they’ve set up on their platform.

What is self-hosted email marketing?

“Self-hosted” means that your email marketing software is installed on your server, but the server is accessed via the Internet instead of residing at your physical premises. The term first came into use with the advent of cloud computing services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. In the past, “hosted” referred to cloud-based email marketing systems, but the addition of the prefix “self” changes everything. That suggests an on-premise solution. With PaaS and IaaS platforms, instead of using a cloud-based email marketing service, you are installing on-premise-style email marketing software on a cloud-based server.

Are Hosted and Self-hosted the same thing?

No. “Hosted” refers to a cloud-based email marketing system that resides outside of your server platform or infrastructure. This is the most common type of email marketing software. “Self-hosted” refers to an email marketing solution that is installed on your server, but your server is cloud-based instead of at your physical location.

What is a cloud computing platform?

A cloud computing platform is a web-based service that provides a server platform (PaaS) or an infrastructure (IaaS) for a company or individual without them having to install hardware at their location. It has the advantage of allowing you to have robust server capabilities without the expense of new hardware and equipment upgrades. The disadvantage is if your Internet connection goes down, you are dead in the water, you may not even be able to work locally then (although, if your Internet connection was down, your email marketing would be dead in the water anyway).

Self-hosted email marketing software becomes more and more popular as interest in cloud-based server platforms continues to rise.

In a self-hosted environment, you would use the on-premise version of Goolara’s Symphonie software. We have tested our software thoroughly on Amazon Web Services and it works very well. For more information on this, you should visit our AWS page. If you are interested in using other IaaS and PaaS solutions, please contact us to find out more.

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