Companies that need to archive all their outgoing email to comply with SEC data retention requirements find that Goolara Symphonie solves this problem elegantly and efficiently.

While your local department store can delete their mailing files right after they send them, there are other business that have no such luxury. Banks, investment companies, financial advisers and the like are required by the SEC to archive virtually every piece of email they send. In some cases, this can include transactional and promotional mailings as well as personal correspondences. Most companies subject to these rules already archive all the mail flowing through their company email server, but getting the promotional emails sent by an ESP to archive into these same systems is challenging.

Symphonie’s archiving abilities lets you archive all your promotional and transactional mailings.

Goolara’s Symphonie email marketing solution can archive all your promotional emails so you can comply with SEC requirements. By using the on-premise version of Symphonie, all the emails sent by your company can flow through the same archiving software you use today. For more information of how to use Symphonie to achieve SEC compliance, contact us today.

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