If you're looking for an in-house email marketing license, the on-premise version of Symphonie provides all the same features as the cloud-hosted version but allows you to have all this power running on your own computers (self-hosted). There are generally three advantages that attract users to on-premise email marketing software: security, integration, or email volume.

Security: Keep all your data within your company firewall, managed by your security experts. When the product is within your network you do not need to transmit the email addresses or other data to a hosting company. While Goolara offers secure ways to transmit and store data, some companies feel most confident when the data is completely under their control.

On-premise is the choice of companies that are either looking for self-contained security, or want to ensure that all their data is locally stored.

Integration: The best email marketing takes advantage of many data sources to target the right recipient with the right content. The ability to make real-time decisions on the content and recipients for an email can be done most easily if the data can be pulled real-time from internal company sources. The features of Symphonie make this easy, so there can be real advantages to the on-premise deployment if you want Symphonie tightly integrated with your company data.

Volume: When email marketers reach a certain volume of email sent it can become more economical to switch to a fixed-price sending situation. With the on-premise version of Symphonie you only pay for the license, not for each email sent, so the price can be considerably less when sending a large volume of email. When email volume is 25k/month, the license cost can be recovered in less than a year. If the volume is 100k/month or larger the license cost can be recovered within several months.

An Effective Solution

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A license to operate Symphonie on-site gives you a certain capacity for the system, measured in valid email addresses and speed of sending. You do not pay for messages sent. So a license for 100k recipients operating at a sending speed of 50k/hour would allow you to distribute 100k recipients in approximately two hours, for no additional cost. You could send to those recipients several times a day (not generally recommended) or just once a month, for the same cost to you. Whether the email is promotional or from triggers or workflow also does not effect the cost.

Symphonie is sold as a software product, not as an appliance. You do not need to pay for additional hardware to purchase Symphonie. You can install Symphonie on existing hardware, or purchase new equipment, if desired, but you own the hardware and can use it however it suits you. The software is written using ASP.NET on the .NET framework, version 4.0. This means you can run it on any Windows machine that operates as a server (is left on all the time). A graphical, wizard-based installer guides you through the setup, which can be completed in just a few minutes.

System Requirements

To run Symphonie on-premise, you need the following items:

  • A computer that is left on all the time
  • Access to an Internet Information Server (IIS) to run the website
  • Availability of a Microsoft SQL Server (The free version can be used for small installations)

The on-premise version of Goolara Symphonie is identical to the hosted version. If you have a system that uses both hosted and on-premise sending platforms,or if you are planning to transition from one deployment to another, Symphonie makes the transition effortless by eliminating the need to learn an alternative system.

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