After your email is delivered, you can learn what recipients do next with web analytics software. Integrate Symphonie with your web analytics for the ultimate in response tracking. Goolara Symphonie’s already powerful report generating capabilities are further enhanced with web analytics that can show you what the recipient does next after clicking through on the email.

From the first click to the final purchase, you can track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns down to the smallest detail. The following analytic integrations are already included in Goolara Symphonie:

  • Webtrends
  • Adobe Omniture
  • Google Analytics
  • IBM Digital Analytics (formerly Coremetrics)

There is also a Custom feature, which lets you add any additional analytics you want. Analytics integration is included free with Symphonie in both its hosted and on-premise versions. The feature works for any promotional or transactional email sent with Symphonie. Simply select the analytics provider you use, and provide the values you want shown. Symphonie takes care of the rest.

Quadruple your metrics data using Goolara Symphonie’s powerful analytics integrations, built into the software at no extra cost.

As each recipient clicks on links from your email, your web analytics provider will receive your data and enable reporting so you can measure where recipients go on your website after clicking a link in the email.

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