Videos in email can increase click-through rates, and lead to more engagement with higher revenues. Study after study shows this to be the case. If your company sells products or offers services that are particularly conducive to video presentations and you aren’t using videos, then you are missing out on potential sales.

Can I embed videos in email?

Until recently, most people have avoided trying it because of past experiences and the belief that there is not enough support for video—either in the email marketing software, or the email clients. In truth, you can provide video instructions in your email in the form of HTML code that will produce results across all platforms. If the email client (such as Thunderbird or, or the device (such as Apple’s iPhone) recognizes HTML5’s video tag, your video can play directly from within your email, otherwise, you can provide a link to your video.

Sounds complicated!

It’s not. You have to understand how the video tag works, but that only takes a few minutes to learn. If you are new to video in email and want to learn everything you can about it, the place to start is with our Video in Email white paper. Here you’ll find the information and instructions you need to create your own poster images, alternative links, and more.

What if I still have questions?

If you still need help creating embedded video emails, feel free to contact us to learn more. We can be reached at Also, don’t forget to visit our blog for articles on all aspects of email marketing.

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