Keep your data on your own servers with an on‑premise solution from Goolara

The on-premise solution is a one-time purchase of the software license. No proprietary hardware required. You can use your existing hardware investment.

The on-premise version includes the following:

  • No charge for messages sent
  • Dedicated High-performance SMTP Server included
  • Fully mail-merged and tracked transactional email from the same system
  • Unlimited users
  • Built-in feature for processing opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc.
  • Integrated image hosting library
  • Drag-and-drop template builder

Here’s how Symphonie compares to one of the most popular on-premise email solutions:

Feature Symphonie Provider X
Transactional Mailing Included Premium tier only
A/B Splits Included Premium tier only
Automated Workflows Included Premium tier only
Time Zone Sending Included Premium tier only
Users Unlimited 5-10
REST API Included Extra Cost
Custom SQL segments Included Not Available
Real-time member integration Included Not Available

Call for pricing information.

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