Symphonie’s A/B Split Testing feature can do more than just send A and B versions of your email. It lets you test as many variations as your mailing list can handle. If one version shows better open and/or click-through rates than another, Symphonie can automatically send the more successful version to the remaining recipients. The recipient list for each split is chosen randomly from all the recipients, to ensure unbiased test results.

Split Test Anything

You can change virtually any portion of your email in Symphonie for testing—the subject, content, and “friendly from” address are all individually modifiable. Once you have sent your split mailings, Symphonie’s advanced reporting features make it easy to determine which mailing was most successful; or you can choose based on your CRM data, or other criteria outside of Symphonie (number of coupons redeemed, the number of in-store visits, etc.).

You can change virtually any portion of your email in Symphonie for testing, from the subject line, contents, “friendly from” and more.

Versatile Options

The splits feature in Symphonie works even if the audience is specified using segmentation. It also works when you use dynamic content in the mailing. You can also create a 50/50 split if you so desire. With a 50/50 split, the audience is divided at random into two groups and each receives a different email. In this case, there is no follow up adjustment and mailing.

Split Testing Automation

Symphonie can handle A/B Splits automatically. The system can automatically randomize the recipients across the test versions until a decision is made of which version is generating the best results.

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