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New White Paper Shines a Light on Email Deliverability Secrets

How to improve your reputation score.

ALAMEDA, Calif. - January 18, 2012 – Goolara LLC, hosted and on-premise email marketing provider, announces the release of their new white paper, Deliverability Enhanced: Getting your email to your audience. The white paper is a look into the secrets professionals use to ensure good deliverability.

Deliverability is the most important aspect of good email marketing, yet it is also the least well understood. Every email client has its own formula for deciding what goes in the bulk folder and what makes to the inbox. In Deliverability Enhanced, the Goolara team explains the techniques the email clients use to route email, and how to make sure your mailings are properly received by the people on your list. There have been other white papers on deliverability, but none this thorough. “We looked at dozens of other white papers and blogs, and found that most of them offered only snippets of information,” Philip Thorne, CEO of Goolara, LLC said. “We asked ourselves what we would like to see in a white paper, and that's what we put in. No one can accuse our publications of being short on substance.”

The guides includes vital information, such as:

  • How reputation scores are computed
  • The importance of the text-to-image ratio
  • Authentication factors
  • Monitoring techniques
  • What to do if you're blacklisted
and much more.

About Goolara

In business since 2005, Goolara, LLC specializes in making digital marketing software designed with the professional marketer in mind. They are the makers of Goolara Symphonie, a versatile and feature-rich email marketing solution that is popular with agencies and companies that work across multiple sales channels.

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