Email Marketing’s Best Kept Secrets Are Now Revealed at Goolara Resources Website

MORAGA, Calif. January 31, 2013 – The Resources section is open to the public and contains the latest research on topics geared toward email marketers. “It was important to us that the publications in our Resources section reflected the philosophy of the company,” Philip Thorne, CEO of Goolara, LLC said. “They had to be sophisticated enough for an advanced email marketer, but easy enough for a beginner to use and understand.” Here are a few of the papers that are available:

Deliverability Enhanced — Feeling that most publications on the subject lacked useful information, the Goolara Team got down to the brass tacks. They looked at the information that was available and found most of these wanting. Then they started from scratch and created a white paper that gives you the real information on deliverability. This level of information usually comes at a high price, but it's yours free on the Goolara web site.

Best Practices Enhanced, Volumes 1 and 2 — These two volumes contain virtually everything you need to know to improve your email marketing. “When we finished the first draft of the Best Practices guide, the document was too big to download easily,” Thorne said. “We decided then to divide it into two separate volumes. One covering email design issues and the other covering everything else.” Volume One covers marketing practices such as list gathering, appending, and monitoring, while Volume Two delves into the proper techniques for designing email. “Email design is not the same thing as web design” Thorne said. “The graphic artist that understands the differences is going to create better email.”

Oops! Handling and resolving email marketing mistakes — To err is human, but sometimes we are all too human. This is an entertaining look at email slip-ups, how to avoid them, and what to do once they’ve happened. The white paper contains several examples of actual emails that went wrong. Most of these errors could have been avoided by using the simple procedures listed in this document.

Using Text and Images — Website design and email design are not the same thing. Yet every day we encounter examples of email that has been designed without understanding this basic premise. This white paper is part of our effort to address the problem. A good balance between images and text in a mailing is the key to good deliverability. Using Text and Images demonstrates some clever techniques for improving the text-to-image ratio in your email.

Besides the ebooks currently available on their website, the people at Goolara are also working on several more publications covering all aspects of email marketing. “Ideally, we'd like to add a new white paper or guide to the website every month,” Thorne said. “But we won’t add anything unless we think it provides unique and useful information on the subject of email marketing.”

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