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This Website is a service offered by Goolara, LLC ("Goolara" or "we"). Your use of it is governed by these TERMS OF USE/PRIVACY POLICIES regardless of whether you are a visitor to this Website, seeking information or a price quote, or a customer of Goolara.

At Goolara we are committed to making e-commerce secure and efficient for all. In order to protect our system, those who inquire about our services, and our customers from internet users who are acting for malicious or unauthorized purposes, we have adopted two layers of privacy policies.

For our customers and for prospective customers who request information or price quotes, we abide by these linked Privacy Policies.

Our other layer of privacy policies is as follows: if we have reason to believe that a website visitor is acting for malicious or unauthorized purposes, we reserve the right to use or disclose all information that we obtain from any source to investigate the visitor's actions and purposes. We trust that our customers and those who inquire about our services understand and appreciate the way in which this allows us to minimize the risk of identity theft and other problems that occasionally occur in connection with internet use.