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Travel Industry

Few industries have been as thoroughly impacted by the development of the Internet as the travel industry has. With the popularity of online sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz, the smart travel agencies have completely retooled their sales strategies to stay relevant. Successful travel services make extensive use of email to stay in front of the public, promoting special offers and suggesting itineraries. Especially useful to travel services is Symphonie's powerful dynamic content feature, which lets you customize your email message with greater granularity than most other email marketing systems.

Travel Services Segments If you have an offer that is only going to appeal to a specific subset of your recipient list, Symphonie's Segment feature can create that group with just a few clicks. Let's say you have a special offer available for a resort hotel in Arizona that is offering a weekend golf retreat. If you have recreational or sports information included in your demographics, Symphonie can find the golfers in the list and send the email only to them. If you wish, you can further segment the list based on their location, age, sex, or any other piece of information you've stored as a demographic.

Dynamic Content Imagine an email campaign in which every piece of email is uniquely crafted to appeal to the person receiving it. This is not only possible with Symphonie, but it is easy to do. Other email marketing software may require you to cut and paste, but Symphonie's intuitive interface only requires you to point and click and it does the rest. Easy-to-understand prompts guide you through the process so that you never have to remember complex codes or Boolean operators. Within minutes, you can create well-targeted email that sends the right message to the right person.
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