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etail retailEmail is vital to successful digital marketing in the retail field. From standard promotional emails to triggered mail for order confirmations, product availability notices, shipping confirmations, and more, retailers use email to get their message across. But a simple “batch-and-blast” approach can do more harm that good. Successful digital marketing requires targeting. Goolara Symphonie will let you achieve this targeting with very little effort. Below are just a few of the ways Symphonie can improve your marketing efforts.

Dynamic Content Anywhere

Dynamic content, according to several sources, is the single most important feature of a good email marketing solution. Goolara Symphonie gives you more ways to use dynamic content than any other email marketing platform on the market. You can use it construct subject lines, bar codes, content blocks, links, and more. Really, if part of a mailing requires dynamic content, Symphonie can handle it. While many ESPs claim to offer dynamic content, many of these are nothing more than mail merge. Symphonie’s dynamic content features, on the other hand, allow logic based on multiple arguments, ensuring all of your messages are targeted and relevant.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

etail retailThe amount of money lost by online retailers to shopping cart abandonments is measured in the billions. The best way to avoid this problem is with a shopping cart abandonment program. Goolara Symphonie’s powerful automation feature, coupled with its offline events capabilities will let you create exactly the shopping cart abandonment program you need. Start with a basic template, and then easily customize it for your specific environment. Set up any parameters for contacting the shoppers, and even add dynamic content when applicable. Call us today to learn more.

Problem-free Segmentation

Segmentation is a great way to ensure your clients are receiving offers that are relevant to them, but not all segmentation is created equally. Some ESPs require to use a separate program to generate these lists, which can cause serious problems with your deliverability if you’re not careful (for a detailed description of how this can happen, see List Segmentation Landmines on the Goolara Blog). What’s worse: Some will even charge you again for the names on each list! With Symphonie, just a few quick steps, and your segment is ready. And since it always works from the master recipient list, when someone unsubscribes, there is no risk of them reanimating in another segment, helping you avoid deliverability problems later.

Personalized Transactional Mail

Consumers expect to receive immediate email confirmations of purchases and shipping notices, but the challenge for retailers is to get more value out of these emails. Sending a plain-text email with just the raw details doesn't help the retailer stand out, and misses a huge opportunity for cross sales and other promotions. Transactional emails are expected by the consumer, and so are opened and read with a much higher percentage than most promotional emails, so take advantage of that! Additionally, transactional email can be great for birthday coupons, product availability notices, and any other opportunities that the client requests to be informed of events. It is easy to create a workflow that can automate the process of sending these kinds of emails.

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