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A challenge facing publishers today is how to show enough of a product to entice consumers but retain enough of the content to encourage purchase. It's also critical to get information to consumers quickly, as information travels rapidly these days and old news does not get read. Here is more about the challenges and solutions for the publishing industry:

publishing Automated, Dynamic Assembly Newspapers, magazines, and other on-line publishers need to be able to get news or other content in front of recipients quickly. Recipients will likely read the article that breaks the story, so being the first in the inbox is important. In order to make the process timely, it must be automated. Dynamically building email content from database, flat file, or other computer systems must be easy to do. Symphonie offers an incredibly rich and flexibly array of tools to make this happen, so you can focus on creating the content, not assembling it.

Relevant Content Recipients will stay engaged with those publications that provide responsive to their interests. The less time consumers spend looking for an interesting article, the more likely they will remain subscribed and engaged to your publications. Picking the right content to include in the message can be done using the powerful dynamic content tools of Symphonie. Make decisions on content based on expressed interests or historically based on previous articles viewed to make the content as relevant as possible to each recipient.

Publishers also share many similar issues with retail businesses.
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