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Political Campaign Services

As the 2012 presidential election amply demonstrated, a good email campaign can make all the difference. There no better or more immediate way to keep in touch with the voters. Email is an important component of any good political campaign, and it gets more important every year. A good mailing campaign requires sophisticated email marketing tools, and Goolara's Symphonie is tops when it comes to this sort of work. Here's why:

Political Services A/B Splits What works in a mailing and what doesn't can change on a whim. Nowhere is this truer than in the political arena, where the message you delivered last week is this week's old news. Research has proven that mere guesswork will not always lead you to the correct choice for message content. A/B Splits can help you zero in on the most effective messages every time ensuring the best possible results. With Symphonie you can split test every aspect of your mailings: short vs. long subject lines, various type styles and sizes, photos of the candidate with people or without, dynamic subject lines vs. static ones—you name it. Virtually anything in a mailing can be split tested. How many split tests you run on a campaign is entirely up to you.

Robust Reporting By its very nature, political email sometimes requires sudden and dramatic changes in quantity. This has been known to lead some ISPs to red flag such mailings and send them to the bulk folder. If an ISP suddenly starts routing your mailings to the bulk folder, you need to know about it immediately. With Symphonie's robust reporting capabilities, you can stay on top of things with exact figures on how often a mailing is opened, marked as spam, or deleted without reading. You can quickly spot any changes in deliverability and take care of it before it becomes a problem. You can also compare several mailings to catch trends or shifts in recipient responsiveness. All of this information is presented either statistically, or in easy-to-read charts that you can download and use to compile reports.
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