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Guests want to be treated as if they are the most important person in the business, and sending them targeted, relevant email communications is a great step in the right direction. Understanding the needs and desires of your guests allows you to present them with the right message every time. Here are some issues facing customers in the hospitality industry:

Hospitality Relevancy Every email must focus on the needs and desires of the recipient. If you know the recipient is of retirement age you should eliminate or reduce the promotions for the in-house nightclub and focus on comfort and price issues, for example. Making these content changes dynamically as the message is sent gives you the tools to ensure relevancy for each recipient. Symphonie's dynamic content features are extremely powerful and flexible, allowing multiple conditions and relationships, all in a point-and-click graphical environment.

Transactional Email From e-statements to reservation confirmations, recipients expect to receive accurate and timely transactional emails. Building a template with locations for dynamic content is easy in Symphonie's graphical interface, and adding code to your website or other computer system can be done in just a few minutes time. The dynamic content features of Symphonie easily allow you to merge into the message line-item details about the bill, reservation confirmation details, or calendar activities for the dates in question.

Accurate Targeting If you can recognize that a traveler is staying at your hotel to ski in the winter, promotions sent during the summer need to offer a new incentive other than just price breaks. Having the tools to correctly segment out those recipients with specific needs is critical to keep the reader engaged. Symphonie features easy-to-use but powerful features to build segmenting criteria to select just the right recipients to receive your content.
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