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Health Care

The health care industry comes with its own special requirements when it comes to email. After all, they are the keepers of some of the most private and personal information about a person that there is. As with the financial industry, security is of key importance and Goolara's Symphonie has some of the best security features available.
Health Care
On-premise option For the company that is extra concerned with limiting outside access to its data, the on-premise option for Symphonie is a great way to ensure that all your client information resides behind your company's firewall and still be able to use all the features in Symphonie to generate email.

Transactional email Using it transactional email feature, Symphonie can notify clients of important events based on specific dates, such as annual check-ups or health plan renewals. It can also be used to keep track of which recipients responded or took an action and further correspond with any that did not.
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