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Financial Services

Email is a great method of providing information to users for e-bills, transaction statements, fraud alerts, balance statements, and more. These kind of communications must be sent quickly, and must be recognized as legitimate by anti-spam, anti-phishing, and other filters. The following needs are specific to the financial services community:

FinancialTransactional Email — Email sent from financial services are often based on an event, such as a fraud alert, a monthly statement, or a specific transaction. Transactional email constitutes the biggest percentage of the email for a financial services company. With Symphonie, you can merge the most recent information into an email and get it to the inboxes of your recipients within seconds. Batch uploading data for later processing is not good enough in today's instantaneous, information-driven society. Trigger each email with recipient-specific information instead.

Security of Data — Account numbers, balances, and other sensitive data must be kept confidential. The on-premise version of Symphonie offers a safe and secure way for companies to keep their data within their own network. Instead of transmitting this data to an ESP, the on-premise version stays within the firewall of your company, ensuring complete control over the data access, but still allowing you to use all the powerful features of Symphonie.

Authentication — Email that doesn't reach the mailbox of the recipient is essentially email not sent. Financial services are an area that phishers and other criminals have aggressively exploited with email, so many filters have been established to look for and block questionable email. Authenticating that email comes from the legitimate source is provided by technologies such as SPF, Sender ID, DomainKeys, and DKIM. Goolara works closely with our financial customers to make sure their email system is configured to take advantage of these technologies.

FinancialSEC Regulation Compliance — The SEC has strict rules when it comes to financial institutions. All forms of correspondence including emails must be archived. If your company sends out regular transactional and segmented promotional mailings, you are required to archive these as well. In the past, the SEC has been more lax about this, but they are getting tougher, and the penalties for failure to comply are severe. Goolara's on-premise version of Symphonie gives you and effective way to archive all your mailings at the point of sending, ensuring complete compliance with SEC rulings. To learn more about this subject click here.

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