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Business to Business

B2BB2B marketing requires a high level of skill, and you want a sophisticated email marketing to match. The "batch and blast" approach, popular with B2C marketers rarely works here. People in business expect a certain level of personal attention that lets them know you're there for them. Goolara Symphonie is specifically designed to provide the highest level of personalization of any email marketing software. When these features are used in conjunction with Symphonie's Automation feature, you can take personalization to a whole new level. Plug in the data and let Symphonie do the rest, sculpting each email to the individual requirements of everyone on your list. Below are just a few of the ways Goolara Symphonie can help your B2B marketing programs rise above the competition.


With Goolara Symphonie's powerful dynamic content features, you can personalize virtually every single part of a mailings, from the Sender’s name to the content blocks, to the links. It is as close as you can come to sending out individual emails to each and every person on your list, but without the hassle. Personalization is good with any type of email campaign, but it becomes vitally important when you email is intended for company V.I.P.s.

Powerful Automation

Use Symphonie’s Automation feature in conjunction with the Offline Events feature to create sophisticated drip campaigns from webinar attendees and trade show visitors. Then use it again to create follow-ups and on-boarding programs to make sure your new clients are happy and feel important. These procedures, which are so important, are often so time-intensive, but they are easy-as-pie thanks to Automated Workflows and Symphonie’s unique drag-and-drop interface.

Deliverability Monitoring

Delivering email to a company is often more difficult and complicated than delivering to a big ISP like Gmail or Yahoo. Company email filters are set by the IT department, and sometimes these can work very aggressively against any type of promotional mailing. Goolara's deliverability team has over ten years of experience working with companies to make sure the mailings clear the filters and make it into the inbox.

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