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Marketing Agencies

For the marketing agency that handles several different clients with different email needs, Symphonie's features make it easy to create tailor-made email marketing solutions. From data protection to access security, detailed reporting and price breaks, Symphonie's features offer a powerful yet easy-to-use method of tracking and responding to the needs of multiple clients.

Marketing Agencies Partitioning It's important that multi-tenant architecture make sure that no client will ever be able to see anything from another client. Other products might keep many of the details separate but allow things such as the demographics, templates, or other data to leak through. With Symphonie each client is given their own database partition, so no data is ever shared between clients. Each client gets their own URL and login, so the product is branded to them.

No Competition Many ESPs feature their own consulting arm to provide agency services for their customers. While Goolara provides many services to you and your customers, we do not provide creative services or many of the other services that are the heart of most agencies, so you never have to worry that Goolara will take any of the service business you provide, or change our policies to siphon off your customers. We are there for you.

Access Security Symphonie features detailed security features to limit access to parts of the program that should not be used or seen by particular users. Perhaps it is fine for clients to see the reports, but not be able to create mailings. Or perhaps they can create mailings and test them, but not release them to be sent to everyone. This level of control is easily configured in Symphonie.

Price Breaks When an agency uses Symphonie the price per message is based on the volume across all partitions (customers), which can be very lucrative for the agency. Monthly billing is broken down by customer, so the agency has the tools that are needed to bill clients back properly. Since all features are included, and there are no charges for users, agencies know their bill will not change on a monthly basis due to unforeseen charges.

Detailed Reporting Symphonie features highly informative reports, from high-level aggregates down to individual line items. Symphonie's reports allow a user to get down to the individual clicks in a specific mailing for a specific recipient. Only with Symphonie can a user get all the way to the individual sending details for a specific user. With this level of detail the agency has the tools they require to answer any questions poised by the client.

IP Addresses You can give each of your customers their own IP address for sending, or have several small customers combine together to share an IP address, as you desire.

Branding Goolara never tries to hide the fact that the agency is involved, so we make URLs contain both your name and the customer's name. Additionally, you can create your own custom URL for clickthroughs so an email recipient will see your name (or the customers) when they hover the link, instead of a Goolara name. There is no charge for this setup.
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