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Deliverability Services, Cloud-based

Deliverability Goolara handles all aspects of deliverability support. Our dedicated team of deliverability experts has years of experience working with ISPs and individual companies to investigate and resolve issues. Here are some features of our deliverability support:
  • IP Address. All cloud-based customers get their own, dedicated IP address, so that deliverability problems of one customer do not effect you.
  • Authentication Support. Goolara will create all the necessary records to authenticate your email with SPF, Sender ID, DomainKeys, and DKIM, and will provide the information and assistance necessary to help you get these records put into your DNS server for customized "from" addressing.
  • ISP Relations. Goolara will handle managing relations with the different ISPs, blacklist authorities, and anti-spam companies to work to avoid or resolve issues.
  • Feedback loops. Goolara establishes feedback-loops with all ISPs that provide this service and process the data automatically into Symphonie to prevent future problems.
  • ReturnPath Services. Goolara can arrange for customers to have services from ReturnPath, such as their SafeSender Score.
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