Smart Animated Gifs

Smart Animated Gifs Animated gifs offer a wonderful opportunity to spice up your mailings. They are shown to increase engagement and even go viral in some cases. But gifs, in the wrong hands, can create the opposite effect. A badly designed gif will do more harm than good. In this guide we look into the various techniques you can use to create animations using gifs. Topics include:
  • The three main types of animated gifs
  • Things to avoid
  • How to create 3D effects
  • Resources for making gifs
  • Gif best practices
If you’ve been wanting to add some animation to your emails, but don’t have the time or resources to create full videos, gifs are a great alternative. The guide goes through all the things you need to keep in mind when making an animation. It will also show you how to make sure that even when your animation doesn’t work, you’ll still get your message across. A must-read for anyone looking for new ways to make their mailings more engaging.
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