You're spending too much on your email marketing software. Things started out cheaply enough, with a free account and templates to work from. But as your company grew, the price started going up, and the features you really needed—like the ability to use dynamic content in transactional email, and a way to segment your mailing list without turning it into a dozen other lists—were either not available, or cost extra. Goolara Symphonie has no hidden costs and all the features you need for a serious, enterprise-level email campaign. Let us show you how you can cut your costs and still add features to your email campaigns. Contact Us to find out more.


The hosted model is based on the number of messages sent (CPM). More messages each month means a lower price per message. If you go over your monthly rate, you automatically qualify for the next pricing tier.

Pay only for the messages you send, not the idle recipients in your database.

You'll never be charged twice for the same recipient on a second list. Best of all, your license is site based, so you are not charged for additional users and staff access.

Monthly hosted service includes the following:

  • Deliverability Services
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Training
  • Application Support (Phone and email)
  • Best-Practices Consulting
  • Unlimited recipients
  • Unlimited users

Pricing starts at US $200 for 10,000 messages sent per month and quickly drops as the volume increases.



The on-premise solution is a one-time purchase of the software license. After that, you use Symphonie forever with no additional payment for your mailings or subscribers. Whether you send ten or a million emails, there’s never an additional charge. Unlike other on-premise services, we do not require you to purchase proprietary hardware. You can use your existing hardware investment.

The on-premise version includes the following:

  • No charge for messages sent
  • Dedicated SMTP Server included
  • High-performance email sending engine (MTA)
  • Fully mail-merged and tracked transactional email from the same system.
  • Unlimited users
  • Built-in feature for processing opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc.

Prices start at US $3,000 for up to 25k unique recipients. Maintenance packages can be purchased separately. Additionally, deliverability services can be provided for on-premise customers.


If you are a mid-level to enterprise-level marketer, and you’re looking for an ESP that offers the features you need at a good balance between performance and price, then give us a call and schedule a demo today. If you aren't sure whether to choose a hosted or an on-premise solution, then click here to find out.