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Salesforce Integration

Symphonie is integrated, at no extra charge, with the CRM, allowing the Symphonie interface to appear as a tab in Salesforce. Place controls in the Salesforce Leads or Contacts pages to show information about the emails sent from Symphonie alongside your other Salesforce data. The Salesforce integration allows data to be queried from Salesforce to target just the right recipients. Criteria can be based on data out of Accounts, Contacts, Leads, or Campaigns, and multiple criteria can be combined. It is possible to build criteria that target recipients based on the standard Salesforce fields, but the custom, user-defined criteria can also be used. A company that makes pipes, for example, could target leads that have a Pipe Diameter field (custom field) that contains only the values 3, 4 or 6 inches, and who have clicked on a link to sign-up for a webinar.

By default only the email address data is copied from Salesforce to the Symphonie database to keep your important, confidential information in Salesforce. All data that is required by Symphonie to target recipients is queried in real-time, as needed, and is not copied to the Symphonie database. However, if you wish to move data for dynamic content into Symphonie it can be easily selected and will be updated automatically each time a new mailing is sent.

To see the Salesforce integration for yourself, please contact Goolara.
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