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Real-time Recipient Data Integration

On-premise customers can configure Symphonie to read recipient data from any data source they desire in real-time, avoiding the issue of copying data from other data sources in some kind of batch process. Symphonie can read from your CRM, POS, or multiple sources at the same time to get the email address and demographics of your users in real-time. As you add new recipients into your CRM, for example, they simultaneously become available as recipients in Symphonie. If you make a change to a demographic of your recipients, this information is read instantly by Symphonie as well. You are in charge of all aspects and you get to define the demographics.

In an age when people expect immediate responses, this feature is a welcome alternative to the batch-processing delays inherent in other systems, where leads are gathered and updated as part of a nightly process. With Symphonie, as soon as the information is entered, whether its in your SQL database, through your POS system, or via online registration, the data will be ready for you to use.
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