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Delivery Statistics

At some level, there is nothing as important as the deliverability of your email. The best content or the greatest offer means little if the email doesn't reach the intended recipient. But simply telling you how many "hard" or "soft" bounces you received doesn't really help you understand the real reasons for deliverability problems. With Symphonie you get much more detailed information as to the reason why the email delivery was unsuccessful, as reported by the ISP.

Deliverability by domain Have you ever had a case where a recipient said they didn't receive your email, but all you could tell them is that there was a "hard" bounce for the email? What does that mean? With Symphonie you can drive into the individual recipient details for a sending and get back the exact error message from the ISP, so you can know with a much greater amount of knowledge why the email was not received. Perhaps the mail server considered the mail spam, or reported the user as not valid. There is an important, and actionable, difference between these two failures, and something you should know.
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