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Pause and edit mailings mid-stream

Even the best marketing professional will sometimes need to make changes to the content after hitting the send button. That misspelled word you read over so many times suddenly comes to your focus, and you need to get it fixed before any more recipients see it. Using Symphonie it is easy to pause a mailing during delivery, make edits, and then resume the mailing right where you left off. Symphonie's integrated email sending engine knows exactly who is being sent to at any moment, and can stop sending within seconds to ensure the minimum people receive the erroneous copy.

Furthermore, if you need to know who received the incorrect copy (perhaps to send a correction note), you can choose to have Symphonie split the mailing into two pieces when you stop it, one that represents all the people who received the incorrect content, and those that will receive the corrected version. Once this is done it is trivial to create a follow-up mailing to the audience that received the incorrect copy.

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