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Offline Events

Using Symphonie it is easy to populate information that you customize about events that occur in other system, such as purchases or downloads from the website. We call this data offline events, as it is information that originates from activities outside of Symphonie, but it is also called Clickstreams by some organizations. Within Symphonie's graphical interface, simply follow the wizard to define your event and the specific fields you will be providing, or use one of the built-in templates for purchases, shopping cart abandonment, white paper download, page visits, and more. Store any custom information you want, and that information becomes available later for use in dynamic content or segmentation.

Passing the information from a website or other corporate system is extermely easy using the routines provided by Symphonie. You can choose to have the client propulate the data in an IMG-style tag, or for more accuracy, use a server-side call to ensure the data is not subject to abuse. A web programmer can easily pass this information to Symphonie with just a single line added to the website. Symphonie will provide the code to use so you can just copy-and-paste.

Once the data has been sent to Symphonie reports can be created that will show how the data breaks down.

To learn more, or see the offline events for yourself, please contact Goolara.
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